Goodbye 2014

Hello 2015! Here's a little recap of the year...


- Mr. T and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. We celebrated with a weekend away and a Jack Johnson concert.
- Mr. T helped coach our boy's baseball teams.
- We took a family road trip to California to see family, went Six Flags and In-n-Out, of course!
- We attended some Halloween parties.
- My mom and I spent Mother's Day together by a day of antiquing and a wine & paint class.


- Turned 9 and started 3rd grade.
- Won first place in the Cub Scouts' Pine Wood Derby.
- Played Spring, Summer & Fall baseball.
- Loves to read.
- Had a great time at Six Flags and tried to fit in as many roller coaster rides as possible.


- Turned 6 and started 1st grade.
- Lost her first tooth (while in California).
- Organized a Summer Lemonade Stand.
- Participated in a dance recital.
- Went on her first roller coaster ride at Six Flags.
- Went on a fancy date with Daddy to dinner and a dance.


- Turned 3 and started preschool.
- Likes Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, Calliou, The Berenstain Bears & Curious George.
- Loves books and coloring.
- Enjoys helping mommy in the kitchen.
- Has made lots of new friends and loves preschool.

So many good things in 2014. Some hard things too, but God always carries us through. He gives us so much grace and mercy. He continues to refine us, draw us closer to Him and grow our faith in new ways. God is good. In the good and the hard things.

Happy New Year friends!

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Sheryl said...

Gazing over all those beautiful, pure life moments and see what you mean about all God's grace and mercy. SWEEEET!