Gettin' Organized: Boy's Room

Now that the Christmas stuff has been put away and a new year has started, I'm feeling motivated to get the house organized and decluttered. There's something refreshing about a clean and organized space.

The first thing we tackled was our boy's room.

We cleared out old toys and books, random papers and garbage (it's amazing the amount garbage that accumulates...blegk). Then, we got to organizing.

I had painted the stripe on the wall last summer, but are just now getting to some of the finishing touches. We added a shelf above his bed, made from galvanized piping and wood. It doesn't get much easier than that!

We followed the shelf tutorial here. They painted their piping, however I was able to find dark galvanized pipes at our local Home Depot. It was the easiest DIY shelf! If you're looking for an easy, industrial look, this fits the bill.

The stop sign was a white elephant gift from 2 years ago, but I've seen similar signs on Amazon. (If you're looking for signs like these, this exit sign has a vintage, cool look to it too.)

The Boy would like a light under the shelf for reading in bed, so I'm on the look out for that.

What are some projects you're planning to work on in the new year?

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