InstaFriday...on a Sunday. Here's a little recap of my phone photos from the last week.

I painted a stripe in our son's room last week. I have a few plans for some other fun projects for his room, but this was round one. Paint. Check.

This girl. She has such a personality. She cracks me up daily.

Last Monday was National Rocky Road Ice Cream day, so of course we had to participate. However there was a MAJOR meltdown over the ice cream because brother got more than sister and sister decided the world was against her. Oy! The drama.

More baseball.

We have been without a washer for 2 weeks! You should've seen the outfits that were being put together. Oh my! But in those 2 weeks, I only had to do 3 loads of essentials to get us through. 

One load of towels that we took my parents' house. 

One load of miscellaneous clothing that I took to a friends' house.

And one load of baseball uniforms and random things washed by hand in the tub.

Doing our laundry this way made me realize that we have way too much clothing. I'm pretty sure that our family of 5 could clothe 2 additional families with ease. There is going to be a major purge this summer.

Speaking of summer...it will be here in 4 days!!! And that means only 4 more lunches to make! YAY!! I'm excited for summer for many reasons, but not having to make lunches everyday is pretty high up on that list.

This guy turned NINE!! He growing up to be such a little man.

Sweet Pea's kindergarten class went to the Zoo. Our sweet baby girl got to tag along and navigated us around using her map. In her PJ's. With her bedhead.

She was so funny with that map. She was actually really using it. Map reading...it's a lost art.

Happy Sunday, friends!

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