Spring Break is here

Well, we are officially on Spring Break. Last week we had more snow, which was quite a way to spend the first day of Spring. I think this photo sums it up nicely...


These are not my kids and I did not take this photo, however my lovely and talented friend, Emily, did!

The snow is now gone and the rain is back...blah. Today the kids had a playdate but before their friends arrived we had time to do some painting.

We used this as our inspiration

I hand drew some butterflies on paper with a sharpie and the kids colored it in. 

They gave their paintings to their playdate friends before I could get a picture of them, but I did manage to snap a shot of their other works of art :)

painted by the boy
painted by sweet pea
Since there is rain in the forecast ALL week, I have the feeling there will be lots more where this came from.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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