The kids have had lots of fun dressing up. Last Thursday, Sweet Pea had to dress up like something on a farm. She chose a cat...

Yesterday, the boy had a Book Party at school and they had to dress up like their favorite book character. He chose Peter Pan...

Last night we went trick-or-treating with my brother in-law and some friends

The kids decided to be something different for Halloween night. Sweet Pea rummaged through the dress up box decided on a butterfly (wings only) and the boy went with his dragon costume...again. Although last year, I think he was an alligator (with the same costume).Our little friend, Buzz Lightyear, joined us too.

My brother in-law was a monk. I was a mouse. And my hubby was this guy...

We had to work her in somehow. So it was either that or me dressed up as a carrot and her a pea.

They got waaaaay too much candy!

I've been taking out the lollipops and hard candies and storing them for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. Collection week for those boxes is right around the corner!

Hope you had fun and safe Halloween!

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