Busy week at school

There was lots going on at the kids' school this week. On Monday, the boy had a violin performance.

there he is in the middle...so focused :)

That cute little girl on the left has a little crush on my boy. We were all walking down the hall and she turned to me and said, "I kissed him today!" Oh boy...we're in trouble!

Our sweet baby girl was sick this week...I hate it when the babies are sick. It's no fun. But she's feeling better now, as you can see.

Such a happy girl.

On Thursday, the kids had a Thanksgiving feast, while also honoring the grandparents. It was precious. However, I didn't get many pictures :(

Yesterday, I put the kids to work in the backyard. There are SO. MANY. LEAVES. They cover every inch of the grass!

Then, Sweet Pea and I went to a Preschool Thanksgiving Party at church. It was really cute. There was coloring, making cards and games. Simple and fun.

Potato stamps and handmade paper!

Today, my hubby is at a football game and the kids and I are having a lazy day at home. And that about wraps it up for this week. Have a happy weekend!

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