If: Gathering

This weekend I attended a powerful Women's Conference called IF: Gathering. Thankful for my husband, who was on daddy duty, which he does well and with no complaints. Not only did he hold down the fort, but he cleaned the fort and I came home to a clean house! I love that guy!

But back to the conference...IF: Gathering was a two-day conference based in Austin, Texas that we watched in a room full of women via simulcast. Some of the speakers included: Jen Hatmaker, Christine Caine, Ann Voskamp, Bianca Olthoff and many others.

The main scripture that was covered by the speakers was the story of Joshua. I love that all the speakers had a different take on each part the story and each one was equally powerful.

"Because faith doesn't erase doubt, insecurity, or fear, it just helps overcome it. And we know God is capable, higher, good, and trustworthy."  - IF: Gathering Facebook page (Jen Hatmaker)

I just love Jen Hatmaker. She gives it to you straight. 

A word that was impressed upon my heart over the weekend was YIELD. There are times when, in order to grow in our faith, we must yield to being still and letting the Lord prune us. Sometimes that can be painful, but if we are obedient and allow God into our mess we come out on the other side stronger and with deeper roots. My hope and prayer is that I will continue to grow and by this time next year, my faith will be stronger than it is today.

Deep roots. That is my prayer.

"rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."  - Colossians 2:7

How about you? Have you heard of IF before? Did you watch the simulcast?

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