It's been a while since I've shared some Instagram photos. Trying to slow down and enjoy these days with the littles and all their shenanigans. In no particular order, here's what's been happening over here...

Oh, the treasures I find in the car. My girls pick weeds flowers for me where ever we go. It is the sweetest thing. And, apparently, gargantuan pinecones.

My people.

 My first homemade sign. With the help of a neighbor and her fancy Silhouette cutting machine (which is awesome!)

Just a snack on the front steps. Barefoot. In a princess dress. No big deal.

Making their own lunches. YES! I could get used to this!

What do you make/give for a 2 year old's birthday? A little coloring book bag. Monkeys are a must.

Played hookie with the girls and took them to the zoo.

Found this cute little chalkboard on Craigslist. It will be going up in the girls' room soon. Isn't it adorable?

Currently on my nightstand

Made this super easy, no-sew fabric garland for autumn. I love the pop of color it adds! Tutorial here.

The gift of TONS of tomatoes from my mom, which I roasted. YUM!!

We are still having hot summer days here in the NW and the kiddos have been waiting and waiting to do a lemonade stand. We finally did it and they had a blast!

Happy Tuesday friends!

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