Total Randomness

The end of last week was kinda "blah". It was pouring buckets and I had a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything. When I get in those kind of moods, I tend to turn to my kitchen and bake! I had my neighbor's boys for the afternoon, so we went to town on some cookies!

We made these...

Next time I think I'll use a different sugar cookie recipe. This one has 2 tsp. of Cream of Tarter and I think it makes them taste funny.

But the kids had a fun time coloring some sugar. We started with a 1/2 cup sugar...

added some food coloring...

Where are their shirts? Doesn't their mom dress them?

and there you go...

we also used some sprinkles that we already had in our cupboard

The kids got to roll the cookies in their favorite color and then we popped them in the oven

I had a little helper to help me clean up the dishes

On Sunday, I made these and they were gone by 3pm today. Note to self: double the recipe next time.

Today my boy drew this for me...it's a panda going down a waterfall :)

This week, I'm working on getting some things hung on the wall in our bedroom. Here's a little preview...

I could just cover everything in yarn. I love the warmth and texture it brings.

So there you have it...all the random stuff going on around here ;)

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