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I took a little bloggy break for the last week. My hubby was home last week and we enjoyed our time together. He even helped me knock some things off the "honey-do" list!

One of those projects were these easy DIY art display boards.

I've always wanted a place to display the kids' artwork and this is perfect! I got the idea from Liz Marie and while this project is pretty self-explainatory, I thought I'd offer a little tutorial on how we did ours.

First we purchased all the supplies

1" x 6" x 8' Common Board, cut in half (4' sections)
Nail-less Sawtooth Hanger (need 4)
Small Screw Eyes (need 4)
50 lb. Picture Hanging Wire (comes in a 9' roll)
Paint or stain

I painted and distressed the two boards.

After they were dry, we measured 2" in from the end and 3" from the top. Repeated on other end.

We pre-drilled a small hole and screwed in the screw eye (by hand).

Then I wrapped the wire around one screw eye, pulled tightly and wrapped the other end of the wire around the opposite screw eye.

Nailed in the sawtooth hangers on the back and BOOM! Finished.

Hang with little clothespins or office clips.

I used these Valentine themed ones from Target, but these American Crafts ones would be adorable too!

Here's the view from the top of our stairs

What do you do with your kids' artwork?

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