Roasted Tomatoes

Do you still have tomatoes coming out of your garden?

My mom gave us pounds and pounds of them and I have the best way to use them up...ROAST THEM!

I like mine a little "charred", but if that's not your thing, you don't have to roast for as long.

Then bag them and stick them in the freezer. They can be added to soups, chili, spaghetti sauce and more!

Roasting tomatoes is super simple...just cut your tomatoes in halves or quarters (depending on how big they are).

Arrange on a sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper.

Place in preheated 450 degree oven for 25-30 minutes (or if you like them charred, 50-60 minutes).

Cool completely. Place in freezer bags and freeze.

It's easier than canning and brings out so much flavor! I highly recommend it if you have oodles of tomatoes that you need to use up.

I also like to add garlic by cutting a whole head of garlic in half and placing on the pan with tomatoes. Throw in some onions and peppers, if you have them too. Because, why not?

Happy Roasting!

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