Guest Room Progress

 Well, it's not finished, but here are a few photos of the guest room (as promised)...

I'm still looking for the right duvet cover. And I'm not loving the large, dark gray pillows, but it's what we have for now.

There is a trundle under the bed that pops up to make a king bed.

The room has high ceilings so finding curtains to fit (that were reasonably priced) was difficult. I ended up making these and it changed the room dramatically.

I used random things that we had laying around the house...baskets, clock and an old card holder.

My $3.50 lamp

More baskets that we had and little jars that I found at Goodwill and Value Village.

I filled the large jar with travel size toiletries for our guests. The small jar has some handmade felt ball ornaments.

Flowers are always in style and are a great filler of space. And you can't go wrong with Sunflowers. They are just happy!

So there it is. Unfinished, but functional. Hoping to finish before school starts.

Happy Thursday!

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