Welcome 2014!

A new year is here. School is back in. And we're getting back into the groove of things.

2013 was a great year...new house, new job for the hubs, a few short getaways and lots weddings and memories.

As I was looking through photos of the last year, I was just struck by how fast a year passes and how big our kiddos get.

Here is a short photo recap:

Their looks have changed so much.

Our baby is not looking much like a baby anymore.

Our kindergartener is almost finished being kindergartener.

And the boy's head is reaching above my shoulders.

NOT cool!! I want them to stay little. Is that too much to ask?

Happy New Year!


Cathy said...

Happy New Year!

Cheryl @ That's What Che Said said...

Adorable family Brittany! Looking forward to chatting more this year! xo - Cheryl @ That's What {Che} Said...