Mug Swap Treasures

This year, I participated in Cuppa Kim's Mug Swap. Kim hosts this event for the anniversary of her blog and I think it is brilliant! You can read about it here and here, but it's basically like secret santa with mugs.

I hit the JACKPOT, because Melissa sent me the most awesome mug care package! She went way above and beyond my expectations!

Here is the cute mug I received...

LOVE it! And it is the perfect size for a mug cake...SCORE!

She also sent some adorable tea towels, assorted coffees, teas and cocoas. There was some chocolate too, but that was inhaled almost immediately.

Journals and pens

AND this beautiful craft apron!

WOWZERS! I felt so blessed and spoiled! Thank you Melissa!

The person I was given was Jenna. A sweet 20-something girl who loves to bake and loves vintage finds. I think we'd be real life friends if we got to meet in person. Here's the little care package I sent her way...

It included: a vintage mug, an assortment of coffee and tea, paper straws and a bookmark. I tied up the mug in fabric and some felt ball ornaments that were made in South Africa.

This was so much fun! I can't wait until next year! Thank you Kim for all the work you put into this each year!

Mug Swap!


Elizabeth said...

i am so in love with that mug!! way cute. and that apron and journals!?!? you were spoiled!

Katie said...

Goodness gracious! She showed us all up :)

{cuppakim} said...

how gorgeous! that craft apron really is something!

and i've been dying to see a close up of that mug. i couldn't tell the pattern on IG, but it's sooooo pretty. ;)

i have mug cakes on my agenda for this week, too! :) perfect timing, right?

GoodnessGathering said...

So just when I was absolutely dying over all the mug goodness you received (swoon swoon swoon over the mug & tea towels), then I fell equally in love with what you sent! Just awesome.

Jenna said...

Aww! I think we would be friends too :) I am so glad I found your blog! Thank you again for the mug - it's being put to good use!

The Chartreuse Owl said...

I am soooo happy that you liked your goodies. I had so much fun shopping for you!