Mug Swap 2013

Last year I was a spectator for Cuppa Kim's Annual Mug Swap.

I scrolled through my instagram feed and saw all the cute mugs and happy mail people were giving and receiving. I remember thinking to myself..."why didn't I sign up? This looks like so much fun!" SO this year,  I will be participating!

Basically, you go here to sign up.

Kim will assign someone to me and I am responsible for sending a mug to that person by August 24.

I don't know who I'll get or who will get me.

Kinda like secret Santa!

In August!

Who's in with me?


{cuppakim} said...

hurray!!! thanks for sharing this on your blog! :) it's going to be really fun! (well, for me it already is!)

hip hooray! :)

Brittany Turco said...

I'm so excited! Thanks for putting it on, Kim!