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This weekend I was going through my "Tips & Tricks" Pinterest Board and realized...hey! There's some really great stuff here. I thought I'd share some a few. I hope you'll find it helpful

Sketch pencil
WD-40 for Crayon Clean Up via Real Simple

I've also read Baking Soda can get crayon off walls too. Something I wish I had remembered last week while I was cleaning it off my son's bedroom wall!

how to get nail polish out of clothes, carpets etc.  I will be glad that I pinned this one day
How to get nail polish out of almost anything via BellaSugar

Another nail polish tip...immediately pour sugar on spilled polish. It will clump and sweep right off!

Pinner said: I was in Ulta today and a sales lady dropped nail polish. They immediately began poring sugar on it. Did you know sugar makes nail polish clump up and you can sweep it right off the floor? I watched them. No scrubbing at all!

via Budget Savvy Diva

Add this to the grocery shopping list for new reasons. Cornmeal absorbs grease on light colored fabric or upholstery. Pour enough on to cover the soiled area and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Vacuum to remove the grains.
Use cornmeal for to absorb grease via Real Simple
I've heard chalk is also a grease-absorber.

How to clean your cookie sheets--Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner! 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste.  Rub it on the dirt/stain/grease.  You can usually just use your fingers...but you can also use a small sponge at times as well
Remove baked-on grease and stains with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide via One Good Thing

Will take the stains out of almost ANYTHING...even if it is an old one. REALLY WORKS!!   2 part hydrogen peroxide to   1 part Dawn ( original blue)
2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part Dawn dish detergent = amazing stain remover, even for old stains
via Modern Day Moms

Powdered oxygen bleach, a scrub brush and some water are all you need to make tile and grout look like new. PHOTO CREDIT:  Tim Carter
Clean grout with powdered oxygen bleach and a scrub brush
via Ask the Builder
Cleaning oven glass via DIY Home Sweet Home

Now that we've been in our new house for about 6 months, it's really looking "lived in" and things are ready for a deep clean around here. After going through my pins, I'm thinking I need to buy some Costco-sized containers of vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I'm seeing a common theme.

What are some of your household tips and tricks?

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