31Bits Party

On Monday, I had my 31 Bits Party and it was such a blast! A morning spent with girlfriends over coffee and brunchy food while looking at and trying on jewelry is good for my soul.

If you're not familiar with 31 Bits, read about the business here. Here's a quick rundown:

It was started by Katie Dovel after a trip to Uganda in 2007.
She met women making jewelry out of paper beads, but didn't have a way to market and sell them.
After graduating college Katie and a few close friends traveled back to Uganda and selected six women to make and purchase jewelry from.
It has now grown to nearly 100 women making jewelry. Each woman has an amazing story to tell and because of their new successful skill, they are providing for their families and overcoming poverty.
The 31 comes from Proverbs 31 where it describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family. The bits comes from what the beads are made of...bits of paper!

I still have some items left. Would you like to see?

87 Cuff. $42
Candy Drop (on the top right). $24

Swift (in fuchsia & blue). $52

Daphne bracelets (in green, peach, blue & yellow). $10

Daylight Drop necklace (in fuchsia). $38
Sweet Tart necklace (in cream) $28
Ruche bracelets. $18

Blushing Daisy bracelets (in grey, tangerine and fuchsia). $18

Happy Night (there's two necklaces there). $40

Humming Burst necklace (in purple & olive) on the left. $28
Bellflower necklace (in maroon) on the right. $32
Claire Loop bracelet. $32

Plumberry bracelet (on the left). $28 SOLD
Becket Bundle bracelet (on the right). $26

Everly necklace. $48 SOLD

Saddle Knot (on the left). $34 SOLD
Jubilee (on the right). $26

Others for sale, not pictured. Click on the link to see a photo:
Kapalua (multi). $10
Magician (multi). $12

Mabel (multi). $30
Elasticity (olive/grey). $28
Saturn Rock. $32
Sunday Frill (blue). $52
Havana Trim. $34

If you are interested in any of the items above, contact me!

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