Fall is here!

WOW! Is it really October already?! I just realized it's been an entire month since my last blog post and today I am, once again, blogging over at 30 Days. Check it out here.

Our little family has been busy so here's a little update...

We successfully moved out of our house and moved in with my parents until our other house is ready.

The kids love it here. There's lots of nature...like frogs, snakes, deer, a garden to tend and lots of space to roam.

Sweet Pea started dance classes and LOVES it! She'll even let me do her hair for it (which is a miracle)!

The weekend that we moved in with my parents, I headed out of town for a women's retreat with our church. It was a much needed recharging for my soul. Then, last weekend, me and my girlie friends ran The Color Run. It was a blast! If you have one near you, you should do it!

Now that Fall is officially here, that means football, Pumpkin Spice Scones and yumminess from Trader Joe's.

my two favorite boys

I look forward to TJ's Spiced Cider every year. It really is the best!

Fall is a happy, beautiful time and we're looking forward to spending the holidays over the next few months with family.

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