Instagram Catch Up

Remember when I said I was back to blogging? And that we were going to have an easy, laid back summer? Well...all that went out the window when we decided last week to put our house on the market. YIKES!

We've talked about it for a long time, but not seriously until last week when a lovely house lot came on the market in our favorite neighborhood. We're in crazy mode around here trying to get the house into ship-shape.

So here's some instagram photos to catch you up on the last few weeks...

My sister-in-law was in town so we went to our favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate her visit. SO GOOOOOOD!

Preparation for the 4th

A 4th of July tradition...the Lemonade Flag Cake (supersized!)

Leftover spaghetti. Pure joy

The Tillamook Baby Loaf bus outside our local grocery store. Isn't it cute?

Backyard summer fun

Goofy girl and a very large soccer ball

Free Slurpee Day!

Homemade Mac & Cheese with Ham

Demo'd bathroom. New fixtures going in next week...part of the craziness around here.

I hope you're enjoying your summer!

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