I've finally gathered up the best of the photos from our trip to Disneyland. This was the kids' first trip and it was magical! They had such a great time! My parents were able to fly in for the day which was fun for all of us and so helpful to have a few extra hands to help :)

WARNING: there are A LOT of pictures, so get a cup coffee, sit and enjoy. You may be here a while ;)

We parked and got on a shuttle

Lil' Miss Rockstar

At the entrance 

And then headed down Main Street

I love Main Street! It's Walt Disney's dream preserved and is like stepping back in time...in a good way!

Through the castle to Fantasyland was the first stop

BIG smiles!

Grandee took the kids on the Dumbo ride

sleepy girl

Sweet Pea and I went to see the Princesses, which was a highlight of the entire trip for her. She met Ariel...


And Tiana...

She wasn't as familiar with Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), but she still had a beaming smile from cheek to cheek. She was a little disappointed that Snow White wasn't there, but we got see her in the parade, so then she was happy.

During our lunch time, we met up with my college roommate bestie and her fiance. It was so good to see her and after the day was over I was kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures with her...grrrr!

After dinner we headed over to Tomorrowland and the boy got to experience Star Tours, which was one of his favorites

photo taken by my dad :)

hipster flight glasses!

We stopped and got some souvenirs...ears of course!

just trying it on for size :)

We stayed for the fireworks, however there was a tree right in our view. But we got a really good look at the castle :)

We were at Disneyland for a total of 12 hours! We were all exhausted, but it was totally worth it! I think next time, we'll plan to get a 2-day pass, or a park-hopper and do California Adventure too. But for the ages of our kids and with a baby in tow, the one day was perfect.

A few other tips when traveling to Disneyland...

- Bring or rent a stroller. Even the big kids wanted to ride when their feet started hurting (you will do A LOT of walking). You can rent them at the park for $15.

- Pack your lunch. Yes! You can bring food into the park. Bringing your own lunch and snacks will save you a good chunk of dough, since food is super expensive.

- Download an app. There are apps for your phone that will tell you how long the lines are for each ride. We used one called MouseWait and it was awesome! 

So that was our trip and my two cents. If you have any tips to add, I'd love to hear them!


Holland Victorious said...

Awww, it looks like it was so much fun. I wish we could have been there!

megan said...

Disneyland was such a fun trip for our family it leaves me daydreaming about going back.

Laura said...

Reading this makes me want to plan for a Disneyland trip very soon!

Drew said...

Thanks for sharing. We are headed to Disney in two weeks and the kids are excited!

Anne said...

Disney is indeed so perfect for kids and I can't wait to see it in my son's eyes! Thanks for sharing your Disney vacation! Disney World Vacation