The Happy Day Project: Day One

I'm really excited to be joining The Happy Day Project hosted by Julie and Jeannette. The Happy Day Project is their take on Random Acts of Kindness Week and I LOVE the idea!

I love the idea of stepping out of my routine.

I love the idea of taking my mind off myself.

I love the idea of blessing others.

Here is the schedule:

It is bound to be a great week!

Today is Day 1: Take a treat to a neighbor.

Our next door neighbor is a single mom with 2 kids. I think about her often. I think about parenting and what a tough job it is and that she's doing it on her own. So, to give her a break, I brought them a meal instead of a treat. Nothing fancy...just chili and cornbread (and some honey butter, because you can't have cornbread without honey butter).

This was actually an accidental collaboration. You see, we had our life group over after church yesterday and I made a big pot of chili and set some aside. My good friend, Katie, brought some yummy cornbread with honey butter over and left it! I think she would be happy to know that her love and labor that went into that cornbread not only fed our small group, but it also went to an awesome family.

Oh, happy day! Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Janene said...

I love me some cornbread!! Perfect for chilly weather! wasn't this such a neat experience? All of it? Happy Thanksgiving to you!