Science Sunday: Ivory Soap Experiment

Today the kids and I did a science experiment. With Ivory Soap. From here.

The kids thought it was so cool. We started with a bar of Ivory Soap.

Then we put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and watched. Here's the result:

please ignore our dirty microwave with crumby crumbs and tomato sauce splatters

Isn't that cool? It has to do with the molecules of air in the soap moving farther away from each other (from the heat), causing the soap to puff up. There is a much better, more in depth explaination here.

Then we got a little bit of water and the kids got to play with it.

It's a messy/clean activity. Meaning, it's messy, but it's soap so everything gets cleaned in the process!

Go try it! Your little ones will love it!

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