We've been camping

We've been off the grid this week.

No phones. No email. No Facebook. No Pinterest. No blogging.

Since my brother and his girlfriend (below) were here from PA, our whole family went camping.

It's been a loooong time since we've camped. I think the last time my hubby and I camped was when we were first married, so this was our first time camping with kids!

This was our home away from home for the week...

It had electricity, a little table with chairs, a lamp and REAL. BEDS. It was definitely the way to go for our little campers.

And this was the "Master Suite" where my parents stayed. Or as the kids called it..."The Palace"

It sleeps, like, 30 people or something like that (okay, maybe more like 12)! It was fit for a King and Queen for sure! The kids got to stay in it for a few nights and LOVED it (we enjoyed the break too)!

The kids had a fantastic time. There was lots of water playtime, fishing, boating, eating, tubing, crafts, painting,  games and more eating.

Thanks, Mom, for bringing all the paint and craft supplies! It was popular!

I wish I had more photos of all the water activities, but I was too much of a chicken to bring my camera on the boat. Lots of smiles all around though.

On the ride home, the kids had in-ride entertainment...

as well as some amazing mountain views

Mt. Hood, Oregon

It was a great week. We made memories. We all had fun.

And now...let the laundry begin.

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Jeanette said...

We spent the week off the grid and loved it. Enjoy your week.