Master Bedroom Redo: Part 2

Painting a ceiling is one of those things that most people don't really notice, but ours really needed it. There had been a small whole (from a hook in the ceiling) that we had patched up, but we were never able to match the original ceiling color. As we've painted the other rooms in the house, we've been painting the ceilings too.

As you can see from the photo above, I wasn't worried about the corners where the wall meets the ceiling. I figured I'll have to cut in the wall color anyway.

The new color is called Creamy White (Olympic brand from Lowe's).

Now that the ceiling is done, the trim is next!


Kaitlin said...

Looking good! Cannot wait until the reveal! :o) I think you could start doing some consulting and I would not mind being a customer!

Brittany Turco said...

HA! Thank you Kaitlin! You're so sweet!