31 on 31

Yesterday, July 31st, I turned 31. And it was a great day!

My hubby had a test first thing in the morning (which he passed...YAY!), so I gathered all the kids up and went to church.

Then we came home and my hubby got home soon after with flowers and a Starbucks gift card! He knows me well...pretty things and coffee!

We all went out for a birthday lunch at Red Robin and then home for naps and rest. I even got to take a nap!

After naps we went out to my parents' house for a BBQ. Everything was delicious and it was so relaxing! This was my place setting at the table...a pretty plate with a card and some birthday money...thanks Mom & Dad!

We all had a dip in the spa too!

She was yelling...."NOOOOOO", because she didn't want her picture taken. We were all laughing. The baby girl hung out with my dad while we played in the water.

For dessert, my mom made this yummy fresh berry pie

It was a great way to spend my birthday! I felt loved and celebrated.


Melissa Kean said...

Happy Birthday Brittany, I turned 31 yesterday. You are just 3 days older than me!

Brittany Turco said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Melissa!!