Halloween 2013

This Halloween was a fun one.

It didn't rain (BONUS!)

The kids were happy to out running around the neighborhood.

Other than our sweet baby frog girl falling asleep and missing the trick-or-treating, there were no melt-downs or tantrums. WIN!

The Boy was Luke Skywalker, Sweet Pea was the Tooth Fairy ("poof! I got your toof!") and Baby Girl was set on being a frog (or a ribbit, as she calls it). There was no changing her mind. Froggie or bust!

As for me? I was Flo the Progressive lady.

This is the first year I've dressed up in a long time. And I forgot how fun it was! 

I also forgot how hard it is to find a good, clean costume. Almost every woman's costume is short, tight and trashy. When did Halloween become an excuse to dress inappropriately?

Anywhoo, October is gone and we keep moving forward.

For the month of November, I'm focusing on eating healthy dinners at home on a budget. I'm excited to share some recipes with you throughout the month! Stay tuned

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