Birthday Celebration

For the boy's birthday, he woke up to lots of balloons all over his room.

He got to have doughnuts for breakfast

And then went off to school where he got to celebrate with his classmates.

We had dinner with our families, then home for cupcakes and ice cream.

For the cupcakes, I tried something new (inspired by Pinterest, of course). I did this for the cupcakes...

How to make cupcake from mix taste like scratch

and it totally worked! The batter wasn't runny and the cupcakes came out nice and fluffy instead of flat and crumbly.

For the frosting, I did this...

best fluffiest frosting ever ... instant pudding, milk, confectioners sugar, whipped cream cheese

And it too, was awesome! I used chocolate pudding and with all the other ingredients, it was more like mousse. Light, creamy and sweet! So there you have it...

The boy got a special cupcake with a worm on it!

Sweet Pea was very helpful.

He's such a big boy. Such a good big brother, friend and son. He came home yesterday with the "kindness award" from school. We're so proud of him. I love that he has a heart for others and knows how to show compassion. We are blessed that he is a part of our family!

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