Santa Monica

I realized I never shared about the last day of our California vaycay, so even though it's been 2 weeks, here it is...

Our flight left at 9pm on Saturday, so we pretty much had an entire day to kill. After a long day at Disneyland on Friday, we all slept in, ate breakfast at the hotel and checked out around 11am. Then we headed to...

It's a fun place to do some people watching. It was a little windy, but sunny and beautiful.

We walked up the pier and stopped at the arcade. Zoltar from the movie BIG was there

The boy got a stamped penny souvenir. I'm not a big fan of pennies (they are dirty and smelly), but how do you say no to these sweet, happy faces?

And the kids did some funny little arcade rides and games :)

We enjoyed the sunshine and scenery

And played in the sand

Doesn't this look like it's straight out of Baywatch?

We left the pier and went to In-n-Out for one last animal-style burger, before heading to the airport.

Going through security with 5 suitcases, 4 carry-ons, 3 kids and a carseat was comical! We had about 20 of those little bins filled up will all our shoes, belts, trinkets and junk.

And then, right as my hubby's suitcase was about to go into the scanner, he said "hey, can you grab my toiletries out of there?" So I took them out but forgot to zip the suitcase back up. As he went to pick it up down at the other end...everything came spilling out. You know there was someone watching it all on camera and got a good laugh!

But, it was all totally worth it!

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