The Happy Day Project: Day Two & Three

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Day two's project was sending someone a HANDWRITTEN note. I love this because in the technology age we live in a note written with a pen on paper is rare. I love paper, pretty stationary, letterpress...you get the idea. As much as I love technology and all it has to offer, I'm still a writer-downer type of girl.

The kids got into the action and colored some notecards and we sent them to their cousins in Georgia and our sponsored child in Africa.


For day three, we purchased a gift card to McDonald's for the homeless.

My husband and I love to keep these little gift cards, or even just bottles of water, crackers and oranges, in the car so that when we have an opportunity to give, we can. But what if we took it another step further?

Our friends, Andy and Serenity, took their garage and made into a food pantry for their community. They get donations from area churches and organizations and open up their doors to the poor and needy every week. Serenity wrote this on her Facebook wall recently:

As we enter this holiday season and you get that urge to do the typical charity/giving (which inherently is NOT bad), take a moment to pray and ask His Spirit what action He is asking of you. Often it is a prompting and/or reminder of His call to KNOW the poor, the needy, the marginal, the sinner. The temptation is to fix the problem and give quickly, when most of the time, He just wants us to get on our knees, pray, talk, confess, and imitate His Son, Jesus. To know the poor is to know ourselves and to know our Savior.

Scary, right? A little uncomfortable? It's one thing to hand a gift card out your car window and drive away. It's another to actually sit across from someone who is homeless, have a conversation and get to know them. But, maybe that's a place where God wants us to be.

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A few years back, we had the honor of working with some of the homeless in our city and it opened our eyes tremendously. The homeless and marginalized are people, just like us. They have dreams, just like us. They have basic needs, just like us. I would encourage you to engage with the marginalized in a whole new way. Tell them they are valued. Tell them they are loved. 

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