Weekend Wrap-Up

Here's what we did this weekend...

On Friday, I finished up one of my projects: State Love Canvas. You've probably seen these all over Etsy and Pinterest. I found all these canvases at a garage sale for $2, so I figured I'd put them to use and create one of my own.

I found a tutorial here.

On Saturday, my hubby and I had an opportunity to go on a date!

Our anniversary is coming up this week, so we thought we'd celebrate early. It was so nice to feel like an adult and not have people that are 3 feet tall interrupting us and pulling on our pant legs. I {heart} date nights. To top it all off, our sweet baby girl slept through the night...yusss! Of course, I didn't. I kept waking up to make sure she was still breathing.

Sunday was a low-key day...church, lunch, out to my mom & dad's to drop off some things. Then home for naps, lawn mowing, car cleaning and dinner.

How was your weekend?

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Jessica Johnson said...

Ahhh LOVE this, too. Relatively easy for one who rarely paints (me!) ;). Totally doing a Ca one of these. Thanks for linking up... Twice!