The Cake

A few people have asked about the Angry Birds Cake, so I thought I'd share how I made it.

I started with a sheet cake. 

I made Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake (which is excellent!!) and Ina's Chocolate Frosting. I love The Pioneer Woman's frosting too, but it's runny, gooey awesomeness wouldn't be quite strong enough to hold all the stuff on the top.

I made a boxed brownie mix and cut it into an "L" shape, with a little window. 

Then I used store bought wafers and Oreo Sticks to create the little towers.

The little fondant pigs came from Artisan Cake Company. Their Etsy shop is filled with all sorts of cuteness!

TA-DA! Stick a slingshot and a candle in it and you've got yourself an Angry Birds Cake! There are so many possibilities. I kept it pretty simple, but I'm sure all you cake divas (and dudes) out there could blow this out of the water!

Have you seen the playable Angry Birds Cake?? It's pretty amazing. Here's a look-see...

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